Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Love (Stage 1)

See I was watching "Why Did I Get Married Too" (deep film)... and I realised that we live life so confused about love (I'm including myself in this whole thing)

Most of us want so much from another half but don't wanna take the correct time to find it. Some of us trip in a ditch or a dark hole with a vision that is so blurred we believe we've fallen in love. Some of us are too busy trying to copy the image of love that it just ends up being make up - wiped away even easier then it was applied in the first place.

Most of us are like puzzle pieces, trying to fit with so many wrong puzzle pieces that when you find the right one you don't even fit like you should. Some of us have the right fit but the wrong image and if we looked properly we would've seen the difference in image.

Most of us have been searching for something we're afraid to put real faith in, creating issues with trust, insecurities, hiding our feelings and believing in that lack of emotion there is strength. Others have so much faith that we skip forward forgetting to analyse the situation and have a look at what real love looks like before we replicate it. We rush before we are ready, running way out in front of our rational thoughts, forgetting time can't pull us back if we go to far.

There's so much more I could say but tbh I'd be thankful knowing you read this much. Past relationships and watching the people around me has taught me so much that about myself but in certain circumstances its upsetting I had to learn the hard way due to blurry vision. 



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